Saturday, July 26, 2008


Mini Poppers Haram? Ni ambik dari internet forum.. Aiseyman, baru ingat nak makan! Saya copy and paste benda ni dari internet. kot2 ada sesapa yang boleh mengesahkan kesahihannya di ucapkan jutaan terima kasih... (semlm g jusco, ingat nak beli aiskrim yang terkini tu.. yang bulat2 cam guli..dalam dia vanilla luar salut coklat ngan ada kacang sikit... tp bila nengok ingredientsdia. .aisey mmg ada la plak guna kod tu.. terbantut selera acik..)
These emulsifiers are haram :- 120,141,160( A),161,252, 300,301,422, 430,431,433, 435,436,441, 470,471,472 (A,E),473,474, 475,476,477, 481,482,483, 491,494,542, 570,631,635, 920 bEUR' RENNET in the cheese is animal origin is HARAM too unless otherwisestated. For those who are aware, please let it be known to our bEUR~un-informedbEU R(tm) Muslim brothers and sisters. This what it reads? We bought this particular ingredient, which is contained in most chocolates and ice creams they have Emulsifier 471 These are pork fats and they name it such a way. After reading, we called MUIS & checked with them. They told us that it is actually pork fats. We checked most chocolate brand and ice creams and that most of them we cannot eat. As Muslims we should not make the same mistake. Before eating any chocolate or ice creams, please read the ingredients first.
Please note that all chocolate, vanilla and coffee drinks at Coffee Bean and Starbuck contains E471 (Emulsifier 471), mono di-glycefides which is from animal origin (pork). Raspberry Frap uses cherries that has been dip n alcohol & the tiramisu contains RUM.

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